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We'll manage your advertising campaigns on LinkedIn Ads to get your brand in front of the right professionals.

A LinkedIn Ads service from Mangrovea is :

Tailor-made strategy

Develop a LinkedIn Ads strategy tailored to your objectives, whether for lead generation, brand awareness or targeted engagement.

Advanced campaign configuration

Harness the full potential of LinkedIn to maximize the relevance and performance of each campaign, exploiting all its features.

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Reporting and analysis

Provision of detailed reports highlighting key KPIs, strategic insights and recommendations for future campaigns.

Training and support

Training sessions for your team to better understand the nuances and opportunities offered by LinkedIn Ads.

Why choose Mangrovea?

We understand your need for profitability in your advertising investments.
To provide you with the best possible advice, we put at your disposal Social Ads experts who keep abreast of the latest trends in social networking. They'll be able to tailor their advice to your business and activate the right levers to bring your company maximum growth.

We understand the growing importance of images and video in Social Ads advertising performance. We've created our Studio offer to give your company the best possible support.

Senior consultants only

We develop strategies and design content to maximize your conversion rate.

Understanding the context

We guide the right visitors to your site to increase your sales opportunities.

Tailor-made offer

We analyze and optimize your costs and revenues to continuously improve your profitability.

Quality of results

We set up targeted loyalty programs to keep your customers coming back.

Performance-based billing

At Mangrovea, we're convinced that you shouldn't pay for results.

Exploiting the full potential of LinkedIn Ads

Mangrovea is not only a multidisciplinary team, but also a network of hand-picked independent experts covering all your needs.

Course of the service

We're with you every step of the way.


Flat rate - No commitment

We begin our service with a test phase with a moderate budget and billed as a package.
We are setting up a tracking system and follow a experimentation processes that quickly brings you your first prospects and enables define strategy, d'analyze visitor and prospect behaviorevaluate the growth potential.


At the end of the test phase, we'll be able to provide you with a detailed analysis of your needs. tailor-made performance partnerships for your company.

Our remuneration is then indexed to the volume of leads, sales or margin generated by the advertising campaigns we manage for you.


Performance-based - No obligation

We we are gradually developing your account on a larger scale.
We continuously optimizing campaigns to continuously improve performance and profitability.
We regularly produce new assumptions for refine strategysearch for ever more profitable and never rest on our laurels.
You only pay for the concrete results you achieve. There is no no more commitments.

Shall we call you?

Boost your business with an agency that knows how to generate concrete results.

Book a discovery call with our team today and find out how we can help you make the most of your Google Ads and Social Ads campaigns.

Develop your multi-channel acquisition

Would you like our experts to audit your ads?

Customer reviews

We turn your growth objectives into tangible results.


It depends on your objectives, your market and your product/service.

Indeed, the advertising investment for a campaign will not be the same for a €10K or €100K sales target. Similarly, some markets are more competitive than others, and some products or services are easier to sell than others.

That said, we don't generally recommend advertising on social networks with budgets of less than €1,500/month per platform. This is so that we can collect enough data to optimize campaigns and maximize performance.

We proceed in two stages:

  1. A test phase to evaluate your account's potential and compatibility with our performance-based offers. This period generally lasts 2 months.
  2. If all goes well, we make you a proposal based on a percentage of the sales generated by our campaigns or a cost per lead.

Once we switch to pay-for-performance, our objectives are completely aligned with yours, so we earn more only if you earn more.


We're not worried, you'll want to stay 😎

Yes, mainly the test period itself, during which we'll audit your account and your site, set up the account structure, carry out numerous tests in laboratory mode, and which is invoiced on a fixed-price basis because it follows a structured process.

Similarly, we do not work without a correctly installed tracking system (data collection). If you don't have tracking, or if it's incomplete or incorrectly configured, we may add tracking installation to our initial quote.

Exactly no, we don't have any 🙌

We find that this type of remuneration is biased, as the agency is always tempted to increase budgets regardless of campaign performance, since it is uncorrelated with results.

With our performance-based remuneration, our priority is to maximize your return on investment so that every euro invested in our campaigns pays off for you (and ultimately, for us too).

The focus of the test period is to try out several tactics to understand what works best for you, rather than rushing in.

That said, you can usually get your first sales within the first week 😉

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