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We'll manage your advertising campaigns on Meta social networks (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp...) to boost the visibility and awareness of your brand and services.

Our Meta Ads agency can help you

If you're looking to raise your profile, attract new customers and boost sales, investing in Meta Ads is a wise decision. Facebook and Instagram are essential advertising platforms for businesses looking to increase their visibility and reach a wide audience. With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers enormous potential for reaching your target audience and generating conversions.

Facebook Ads

A great way to increase visibility and engagement with users interested in your offer.

Instagram Ads

Highly effective for increasing brand awareness and attracting low-cost visitors.

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WhatsApp Ads

To reach users where they communicate most.

An all-inclusive ads service for B2B customers

Deploy an acquisition strategy designed specifically to meet the needs of SaaS and B2B agencies.

Demand Generation

Boost your organic content, educate your audience and build trust for your brand.

Lead Generation

Lead conversion and advancement in your sales team's pipeline.

Account Based Marketing

Tailor-made content and ultra-fine targeting to focus on your dream customers.

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All advertising levers

We deploy the best mix of LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads and Meta Ads for you at no extra cost.

CRM integrations

We can connect HubSpot, Salesforce, Sellsy and Pipedrive to the advertising network to optimize your campaigns.

Tracking always up to date

All our data expertise is at your disposal for tracking that's always adapted to your needs, efficient and up-to-date.

Why choose Mangrovea?

Our ads methodology is specially designed for B2B.

Combined with the quality content we can produce with you, it ensures optimal performance and targeted impact.

Producing your content

Don't have the time or resources to produce your own content for your advertising campaigns?

We can take care of that.

No obligation

Our customers stay because they're satisfied, not because they're contractually obliged to.

Satisfied or your money back

If, after one month's service, you don't feel like continuing with us, we'll reimburse our fees to the last penny.


Turnkey service at no extra cost, including software and tracking services.

Senior consultants only

We only have experienced profiles to manage your campaigns and maximize your ROI.

How does it work?

Here's an overview of the first few months of deployment of our B2B methodology

48 hours

Tracking audit

Access recovery

5 days

Tracking & CRM installation or upgrade

Start Demand Gen campaigns

Launch of brand campaigns

Start Lead Gen campaigns

1 month

Refining campaigns

Gradual addition of a first layer of retargeting

2 months

Adding an extra layer of retargeting

ABM start-up

3 months

Add a remarketing nurturing campaign

Expanding Lead Gen campaigns

4 months

Add a high-intention retargeting layer

Extending existing retargeting layers

5 months

Campaigns for target niches

Community involvement

Expanding retargeting

Save €300 a month on professional tools

We give you dedicated access to most of our tools.

So it's nearly 300€ / month of software directly at your disposal. At no extra cost.

You can use it whenever and wherever you need it.

Included in all landings:

✔ CRM emulation with and automated synchronization with  (or )

✔ Consent management (cookies banner) and GA4 proxification with 

✔ Server for your server-side tracking with 

✔ 100GB of cloud space to host your creatives and content

Exploiting the full potential of Meta Ads

Mangrovea is not only a multidisciplinary team, but also a network of hand-picked independent experts covering all your needs.

Shall we call you?

Boost your business with an agency that knows how to generate concrete results.

Book a discovery call with our team today and find out how we can help you make the most of your Google Ads and Social Ads campaigns.

They talk about us

Read some of our customers' reviews

Thibault Genon-Catalot
Thibault Genon-Catalot
CEO @Papa Flamingo
Read More
Serious, very generous with advice. The team is highly educational and always ready to suggest new solutions to our problems! At the top ❤️
Cédric Colon
Cédric Colon
Co-Managing Director @Batispirit
Read More
Very professional and serious team, Above all, we worked with Sébastien, who mastered his subject perfectly and helped us enormously in setting up a digital strategy.
David Haziza
David Haziza
CEO @Sensiness
Read More
Very satisfied with Sebastien and Maxime's service. Professional and attentive team. Great support in optimizing our site's performance. In short, I recommend them without hesitation.
Fanny Bonhaure
Fanny Bonhaure
CMO @Copernic
Read More
Agency with strong proposals, accessible and available. Mangrovea was able to understand our objectives and implement a global strategy for acquiring qualified leads on Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads. Their strength also lies in their responsiveness, which enables us to achieve good results.
Léo Daudenet
Léo Daudenet
Manager @Nuisibles13
Read More
I highly recommend Mangrovea for their expertise. We've been working with them since the beginning of the year and have noticed a nice increase in leads. Their monthly reports are comprehensive and give a good overview of our business.
Customer reviews

We turn your growth objectives into tangible results.


It depends on your objectives, your market and your product/service.

Indeed, the advertising investment for a campaign will not be the same for a €10K or €100K sales target. Similarly, some markets are more competitive than others, and some products or services are easier to sell than others.

That said, we don't generally recommend advertising on social networks with budgets of less than €1,500/month per platform. This is so that we can collect enough data to optimize campaigns and maximize performance.

We proceed in two stages:

  1. A test phase to evaluate your account's potential and compatibility with our performance-based offers. This period generally lasts 2 months.
  2. If all goes well, we make you a proposal based on a percentage of the sales generated by our campaigns or a cost per lead.

Once we switch to pay-for-performance, our objectives are completely aligned with yours, so we earn more only if you earn more.


We're not worried, you'll want to stay 😎

Yes, mainly the test period itself, during which we'll audit your account and your site, set up the account structure, carry out numerous tests in laboratory mode, and which is invoiced on a fixed-price basis because it follows a structured process.

Similarly, we do not work without a correctly installed tracking system (data collection). If you don't have tracking, or if it's incomplete or incorrectly configured, we may add tracking installation to our initial quote.

Exactly no, we don't have any 🙌

We find that this type of remuneration is biased, as the agency is always tempted to increase budgets regardless of campaign performance, since it is uncorrelated with results.

With our performance-based remuneration, our priority is to maximize your return on investment so that every euro invested in our campaigns pays off for you (and ultimately, for us too).

The focus of the test period is to try out several tactics to understand what works best for you, rather than rushing in.

That said, you can usually get your first sales within the first week 😉

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