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Can an accounting firm advertise?

Accounting firms may advertise their services provided they provide the public with useful information, free from misrepresentation and/or deception (rules applicable to any business, by the way).

The Code of Ethics of theOrdre des Experts Comptables also specifies that it is advisable to maintain a certain respect, show restraint and discretion. Under no circumstances should they undermine the image, independence, dignity or honor of the profession. For these reasons, comparative advertising is prohibited.

Advertising for accountancy firms can take many different forms: print media, TV and radio ads or online marketing.

Digital advertising and accounting firms

In the digital age, the rights business is no exception.

Many accounting firms advertise their websites and blogs on Google, or promote their content on social networks such as YouTube, Linkedin or Twitter.

For an accounting firm's advertising campaign to be successful, it must not only comply with all regulations and rules of good conduct, but also be sufficiently attractive for potential clients to read it. It's a balancing act that some marketing experts still find a little difficult to grasp, which can create a certain reluctance on the part of the accounting firm.

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How to advertise your accounting firm online

Creating an accountant's firm file

Creating a Google listing for your accounting firm is quick and an excellent way of ensuring that potential clients can find your business quickly and easily. It's an action that should be taken as soon as the business is launched (even if the website hasn't yet been created).

Google referencing for your practice

Natural referencing

One of the best ways to improve an accounting firm's website ranking is through SEO. SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a process that enables websites to rank higher in search engine results and receive more organic traffic. It involves optimizing a website's coding and structure, as well as its content, imagery and functionality.

The major disadvantage of SEO is that it's a long and sometimes difficult process. It must therefore be considered from the outset, as part of a long-term strategy.

Sponsored referencing

Google Ads is an excellent way for accounting firms to increase their visibility and build brand awareness. It enables instant positioning on a selection of keywords to reach potential clients. The platform enables you to target individuals precisely, notably by means of geographic criteria, which is generally useful for an accounting firm. Taking advantage of this powerful tool is well worth considering for any medium to large-sized firm looking for new ways to reach potential clients.

However, Google Ads is a powerful tool that requires a certain level of expertise to set up correctly.

Promoting your practice on social networks

Organic posts

Posting on social networks such as YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter is an effective way for accounting firms to gain visibility and credibility. To do so, they need to create content relevant to their industry, engage with the community and track the performance of their posts.

Publishing frequently and reacting to third-party content will not only increase your visibility, but above all establish your expertise in your field, which will generate trust among your prospects.

Sponsored posts

Sponsoring posts allows you to reach an audience interested in the topics and services you're promoting. You shouldn't think of sponsoring posts on social networks as a direct acquisition channel, but rather as a way of strengthening your reputation in a targeted niche of individuals, some of whom will later become customers.

Collective advertising by the Ordre des Experts-Comptables

Ordre des Experts-Comptables advertising campaign

The Ordre des comptables agréés' collective advertising is a strategic marketing initiative designed to support and promote its members in a competitive marketplace. The initiative aims to ensure that chartered accountants are well known, respected and visible in their communities. This marketing initiative includes both online and offline efforts, such as

1) Social media campaigns - These campaigns help raise awareness of the profession. They also give members the opportunity to engage with potential customers through thought-provoking articles, Q&A sessions, polls or surveys.

2) Traditional marketing efforts - These include print ads, radio spots, TV commercials and direct mailings to specific target audiences.

3) Trade shows and conferences - These events give accountants the opportunity to network with other professionals in their field and present their services directly to potential clients.

4) Digital presence - Maintain an up-to-date website with useful information and offer details. A presence on popular platforms such as LinkedIn to help increase visibility with key industry stakeholders.

5) Referrals and word-of-mouth - Word-of-mouth advertising remains one of the most powerful forms of marketing for any business, especially accounting firms!


Overall, the Ordre des comptables' collective advertising campaigns maintain a positive image of the profession, establishing credibility and trust among target audiences. These marketing actions can be effective in helping certain members gain visibility on a one-off basis. Added to the marketing actions carried out individually by the accountancy firm, such as Google referencing, the creation and sponsoring of posts on social networks. Accountants today have a whole host of levers at their disposal to reach more customers through digital means.

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