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Conquer the top position in Google's natural results with an SEO strategy tailored to your business and tailored support from planning to implementation. 

An SEO service by Mangrovea is :

Personalized consultation

A detailed discussion with our experts to pinpoint your company's context and distinctive SEO positioning needs.

Implementing the recommendations

More than just consulting, we create content and implement technical SEO recommendations.

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Monitoring and reporting

Regular monitoring of SEO performance, with detailed reports to assess progress and adjust strategy accordingly.

Raising awareness among your teams

Training sessions for your teams so that they understand the challenges and best practices of SEO, enabling optimal collaboration.

Why choose Mangrovea?

Is your website traffic stagnating despite your best efforts? Are you looking for an agency that masters all the tricks of the SEO trade?

Mangrovea provides you with SEO experts who master the nuances of search engine algorithms. They'll propose a tailor-made SEO strategy, adapted to your business sector, to generate lasting visibility for your site.

Senior consultants only

We develop strategies and design content to maximize your conversion rate.

Understanding the context

We guide the right visitors to your site to increase your sales opportunities.

Tailor-made offer

We analyze and optimize your costs and revenues to continuously improve your profitability.

Quality of results

We set up targeted loyalty programs to keep your customers coming back.

Exploiting the full potential of SEO

Mangrovea is not only a multidisciplinary team, but also a network of hand-picked independent experts covering all your needs.

Course of the service

We're with you every step of the way.

SEO audit

Fixed price

In-depth analysis of the website and its competitive environment using tools such as SEMRush or Ahrefs.
This analysis helps you define the semantic strategy for your site, identify the opportunities and challenges in your market, and assess the current state of the site. 


Fixed price

Day-to-day support and advice in implementing the recommendations made during the audit phase.
Identification of third-party sites with a high domain authority and content relevant to your business and creation of SEO-optimized content to place links to your site to raise its profile.
A regular monitoring of acquired links to analyze their impact on SEO

Monitoring and reporting

Fixed price

Meticulous monitoring of resultss using specialized tools, providing detailed data on keyword rankings. 

Interpretation of monthly results by an SEO expert who will comment on the progress made the project and will set the next-step for the period ahead.

Shall we call you?

Boost your business with an agency that knows how to generate concrete results.

Book a discovery call with our team today and find out how we can help you make the most of your Google Ads and Social Ads campaigns.

Optimize your content

Would you like our experts to audit your content?

Customer reviews

We turn your growth objectives into tangible results.


SEO is a long-term strategy. Depending on the competitiveness of your sector and the current state of your site, it can take anywhere from a few months to a year to see significant results.

We use a combination of indicators, such as organic traffic, keyword ranking, conversion rate and other relevant KPIs to assess SEO performance.

At Mangrovea, we strictly adhere to White Hat SEO practices, respecting search engine guidelines to ensure sustainable results and avoid penalties.

Yes, we offer local SEO services to optimize your presence in geolocated searches, essential for businesses that have a physical presence or serve a specific geographic area.

Our team is constantly learning and monitoring. We closely follow official search engine announcements, attend major SEO conferences and exchange ideas with other experts in the field to stay on top of best practices.

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