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Content is king! Creating high-quality content for your blog posts, product sheets and email marketing. SEO-optimized marketing content that captures readers' attention.

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Develop a memorable user experience
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SEO Search Engine Optimization

Sustainably optimize your natural referencing
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Create high-quality email sequences and newsletters
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Design & Dev

Offer unique digital experiences
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Web copywriting

Publish quality content that brings you traffic
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Optimize your conversion rate

Content creation at Mangrovea means :

Personalized consultation

A discussion with your teams to identify your company's positioning, values and tone of voice, and create content that reflects your company.

Quality content

No AI-generated content, documented and professional approach, applied spelling and style.

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Performance monitoring

Business-first" vision: Analysis of the performance (traffic, engagement, conversion) of each piece of content.

Raising awareness among your teams

Workshop with your teams to pass on best practices in content creation, enabling optimal collaboration.

Why choose Mangrovea?

We write SEO-optimized, well-researched blog posts that are a pleasure to read. Emails that make you want to open them, and product sheets that inspire action.

Senior consultants only

We develop strategies and design content to maximize your conversion rate.

Understanding the context

We guide the right visitors to your site to increase your sales opportunities.

Tailor-made offer

We analyze and optimize your costs and revenues to continuously improve your profitability.

Quality of results

We set up targeted loyalty programs to keep your customers coming back.

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Boost your business with an agency that knows how to generate concrete results.

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Customer reviews

We turn your growth objectives into tangible results.


We offer a variety of content: emails, blog posts, product sheets, infographics, guides and white papers.

To date, we don't offer video or podcast creation.

We tailor content to your brand, target audience and specific objectives. Each piece of content is tailored to reflect your identity and meet the needs of your audience.

Absolutely, we manage the publication and distribution of content on various platforms, including social media, blogs, newsletters, websites, marketplaces, and other relevant channels.

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